Investment Thesis

Secha targets large “boring” and neglected sectors that are making green and technological transitions.
These industries often have significant human and working capital constraints, providing Secha excellent opportunities to generate high financial and impact returns.

Turn Traditional Industries Green and Tech-ENabled

- Manufacturing
- Agribusiness
- Consumer Goods
- Business-Enabling Services

By Providing Key Resources

- Working & Capital Growth
- High-Power Human Capital using Operator-Investor Model

Achieving Growth & Competitive Advantage With

- Digitalisation
- Sustainable Improvements to Process & Products
- Scaled Operational Execution

We are different

Investment Lifespan

Secha is different from other African funds as it combines early investment with impressive and experienced operators to join the portfolio company.

Thesis-Driven Investment
Find differentiated opportunities and avoid following the pack.

Buy early and create value.

Green Transition
Provide the necessary resources to transition the more challenging industries to go green.

African climate funds primarily focus on new industries and not transforming traditional industries.

Have knowledgeable expert helping portfolio company for the year. Company goes through Secha business toolkit.

No other African fund of Secha’s size has this capability.

Assist with the implementation of optimal tech solutions to streamline.

Exit discipline throughout the company lifecycle.

Articulate the equity story:
Value under future ownership; Clear, concise narrative with supporting evidence.

Methodical, repeatable exit preparation:
Track sector themes, changes, timing, multiples, dry powder. PEST analysis and moat trajectory; Evaluate the optimal exit approach, time, instruments.

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