Secha Capital’s Junior Operator-Investor Network

Secha JOIN (Junior Operator-Investor Network) is an extension of its Operator-Investor ethos: this program includes regular check-ins with the Secha team and opportunities to review deals and trends as a cohort.

Our program dives deep into the fundamentals of VC/PE investing: Sourcing, diligence, supporting founders, and becoming a better investor, operator, manager.

Our mission is to change the flows of human capital

We want investing to get younger and more diverse and we wish more of our talented youth could bypass the jobs at multi-nationals and work in small and growing businesses. Secha JOIN is designed to change all this, little by little. 


Why Join?

Why We Do It

Program Topics

The program includes but is not limited to the following topics.

1. VC/PE 101

2. Vertical Deep dives

3. Consulting Toolkit

4. Capabilities

5. Entrepreneurship and Management

Interesting in joining the program?